Aliens, Enemies and Secrets…Oh my!

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I must admit that I was very skeptical when this book was recommended to me….Aliens? Really?

My favorite genre is fantasy, closely followed by sci-fi, so there is no reason why this book would not appeal to me.  But I think I am just too used to reading about vampires and werewolves that for some reason aliens sounded far-fetched to me.  Go figure!

Contrary to my initial reaction, this book was awesome!  I sat and finished the second half of the book in one sitting because I could not put it down.  There are also 4 books in this series currently, so I cannot wait to pick up #2!  I loved the characters witty banter and complex relationship.  It was so refreshing to see a teen book where the main character did not immediately fall in love with a boy that she barely knew!  Below is a little teaser of the storyline to get you hooked:

This book centers around Katy, who just moved to West Virginia with her mother after her father died of cancer.  Katy is an introvert, her favorite things to do are to read and blog about her favorite books.  This worries Katy’s mother who wants her to go out and make new friends.  Trying to make her mother happy, Katy goes next door to introduce herself to her new neighbors and to inquire where the nearest grocery store is.  When she knocks on the door, a gorgeous, shirt-less boy answers.  Katy is stunned into silence as she appreciates the hot guy standing in front of her, that is until he opens him mouth…

Damon might be hot, but his attitude sucks!  After being insulted and belittled by him Katy storms off his porch, hoping never to see him again.  Unfortunately, Katy does see him again as she forms a bond and becomes best friends with Damon’s sister, Dee.  Where as Damon is a grumpy, cloudy day, Dee is all sunshine and rainbows.  As Katy is forced to interact with Damon, she sees glimpses of a nicer side of him…but it never stays around for long.

Soon, Katy mistakenly learns a big secret about Dee and Damon.  One that will put her into a lot of danger…

Pick up Obsidian to see what happens next!

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School Starts Today

Hooray!  There is school today!  What?  Aren’t you feelin’ it?  That first day of school magic.  No?  Just imagine all you will learn, the friends you will get to see, the big cookies from the lunchroom – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Remember those cookies, warm chocolate chip – Mmmmm… Cookies.  Don’t think about the homework, the disgusting bathrooms, the jerks.  Just think about the – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Forget about the heartbreaks that will inevitably happen to you, the stench of the locker room and the lectures you may receive.  Just think about the – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Close your eyes and imagine the smell, the taste, the school lunchroom – Mmmmm…Cookies.  Ok now that I’ve got you pumped up, go eat a Carrot and read a book about high school!




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Great Quotes

Who said:
“What happens in the demon realms stays in the demon realms.” – City of Heavenly Fire
(final book in Mortal Instruments Series)
City of Heavenly Fire



this star won't go out
The First Book Cover is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

The Second book cover is This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Earl.

Both of these Cancer filled tragedies are very somber but written beautifully.
This post was written by Chesapeake Public Library’s teen blogger Caitlin.




Move Over Aunty Em!


Forget everything you thought you knew about OZ.

Shut your eyes.

Click your heels together three times.




Alright – open your eyes for the reading part.  Got a little carried away there.

From thoughtful to laugh out load funny, this story puts more twists and turns into the yellow brick road than you ever would have imagined.  Imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer travels to OZ fight Dorothy-Gone-Wrong.

That’s right.  This is not OZ as you thought you knew it.  Fast forward from Dorothy making nice with the Wizard to a future in which the Wicked are now the good guys, a power-crazed Dorothy has gone over to the dark side, and the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow are bad.  Very very bad.

This book has action, a little romance, fabulous characters, and (forgive the pun) a pace that will blow you away.  Highly recommend.

Battle Royale

Character Summaries:

Anne Dowling is unstoppable and determined to find out why her favorite teacher, Ms. Cross disappeared and the connection with Wheatley School.  (Read about Anne in Kara Taylor’s Deadly Little Sins)

Edie Kramer is strong enough to face her senior year and the power to make the bullies pay at Blackbriar Academy.  (Read about Edie in Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre)

Jessica Walsh is fifteen years old and a paranormal warrior, she is determined to find out why the people of Nightshade, California are dying in their sleep. (Read about Jessica in  Dead Is Just a Dream by Marlene Perez)



Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver is the first book in the Wolves of Mercy Fall Series.  I was excited when I started reading this series because 1.) Maggie Stiefvater is a local author, I got to meet her, get her autograph and a picture with her and she is awesome2.) It is a novel about werewolves and fantasy novels are right up my alley; I love to get out of the realm of everyday life and read about something fantastical!

I liked this book because it gives a different take on werewolves:

These werewolves change based on the temperature.  When it gets cold, they change into wolves.  In the summer they remain human.   Unlike most modern werewolf stories, when these wolves change, they no longer have human thoughts and emotions, they are all animal.  Also, these wolves can only change for a limited time, eventually their time as a wolf will become longer and longer until they never change back into human form again….I found this all very intriguing.

The story centers around Sam and Grace. 

When Grace was 11, she was attacked by a pack of wolves.  Sam, in wolf form, came to her rescue and saved her for some unknown reason.  Ever since that incident, she has been fascinated with the wolves, especially the yellow-eyed one that saved her.  She still sees him sometimes,  lurking in the woods at the edge of her backyard.  Most people who are bitten by a wolf either die or begin the change into a werewolf….but Grace has done neither as the book fast-forwards to when she is 17. 

Grace and Sam meet again when she is 17 and him 18.  She finds him shot, bleeding and naked on her back deck.  She brings him inside to help him and quickly realizes that this is her wolf when she looks into his yellow eyes….

Pick up Shiver at your local library and see what happens next!  Share your thoughts in the comments and remember that there are 2 other books in this series for you to enjoy :)



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Teen Book Battle: Spending the summer with Auntie

 Today’s battle : Books about vacationing with Auntie. 



Ratchet is sent to spend the summer with her two elderly great-aunts, Aunt Penpen and Tilly, in Maine.  During the summer, Ratchet listens to her aunts’ stories .

VERDICT: I didn’t enjoy this book at all.  There was no character development and it was a running chronicle of what Ratchet heard and experienced through the summer.  It did pick up a little in the middle but not enough for me to enjoy the book.



Davia wants to spend as much time as she can with her mom this summer, her Mom’s cancer is in remission but the fear of it coming back is haunting Davia (Davia’s fear #1- cancer coming back).  Mom has plans to take care of an aunt in Louisiana, so off they go to take care of great-aunt Mari, who is dying ( Davia fear #2- death).  At Aunt Mari’s, Davia meets another relative, Emilie, who died in 1853(Davia’s fear #3- ghosts).  Davia has to face her own fears and help Emilie find peace.

VERDICT:  I enjoyed seeing how the characters developed, found their way, and came to terms with death in their own way.  Overall, I liked the book, it did bring back memories for me of helping my own mom with my grandmother’s hospice care.



Amy goes to live with her great-aunt Mae to put some distance between herself and an abusive relationship.  A new town, school, and new friends is what she feels she needs. Amy gets all of that and a little extra in the form of Henry.  Amy and Henry become friends and the relationship deepens into love.  But, as always there is a problem, Henry lives across the clearing and in another time, 1944 to be exact.

VERDICT: I enjoyed this book. The story unfolded gradually,  the blossoming romance between Henry and Amy; Amy gaining confidence in herself after her bad relationship; and Henry coming to terms with the future. The characters and situations were realistically written (even it the story is a bit sci-fi).    I have to admit at one point I threw the book  down (softly) in frustration over something Amy did.  The one part I didn’t like was the ending, it was a bit of a surprise and a let down.  But endings to  good books sometimes are.


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It Came From a Book Teen Art Contest

Just saw this on an amzing blog I follow- Teen Librarian’s Toolbox and had to share! It is an art contest for teens and you can win some really cool things. For information, click the link.

Good Luck!

Rule Breakers


“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”
George R.R. Martin

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt


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