The Sisters Grimm Fairy-Tale Detectives

Sisters Grimm

Once upon a time there were two sisters. They only had each other and a string of unfortunate foster failures. Except, that isn’t entirely true, because these sisters had a destiny. They are the sisters Grimm and this is the story in which readers learn about their very fist fairytale mystery and the start of their detective adventures.

Who is the woman that claimed them from the orphanage?

What sort of creatures attacked them in the forrest?

What’s behind the locked door in “granny’s” house?

What sort of treachery is brewing in the fairytale town?

Solve these and other mysteries by reading The Sister’s Grimm! It is a perfect choice to share with a child on a long road trip or just for fun!

This story was crafted by Michael Buckley author of N.E.R.D.S. He’s a great spinner of tales and The Sisters Grimm is no exception!


Will you solve the mystery before the sisters? Check it out on One Click Digital. 


ANY DAY: Rule Breakers

Each time you see a full moon you always see the same side.

Stewardesses is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

You burn more calories eating celery than it contains (the more you eat the thinner you become.

The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia.

The longest street in the world is Yonge street in Toronto Canada measuring 1,896 km (1,178 miles).

RuleBreaker: Four

four books for Tom

If you were intrigued by Four(Tobias) in fiv series, you are in luck. Veronica Roth released a collection of short stories based around our favorite dauntless character. Four is every thing in the divergent series and more from Tobias’s point of view.


Six Word Summary Showdown: Naughts & Crosses by Marjorie Blackman

Naughts & Crosses

Naughts & Crosses



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The Divine Wind – A Love Story



The Divine Wind takes place in the town of Broome, Australia during World War II. It is narrated by 26 year old Australian Hartely Penrose. As a teen, he falls in love with Mitsy, the best friend of his sister. The only problem is Mitsy’s real name is Mitsu Sennosuke and she’s Japanese. The story’s main focus is Hart and Mitsy’s relationship and the struggles and prejudices they endured during wartime.  The Divine Wind is a heartfelt story of first love and family conflict during World War II.

Clash of the Covers Dualed/Flash Point

flash point

Dualed by Elsie Chapman

Teen Book Battle: A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty versus The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset

A Corner of White

A Corner of White

In “A Corner of White” by Jaclyn Moriarty we encounter Madeleine, who has run away from home seventeen times. This last time was different though because this time her Mother came with her!  Together they start a new, secret life altogether different from the one they left behind. While her mother is busy sewing day and night to make money, Madeleine explores her new neighborhood. She discovers a piece of paper  sticking out of a parking meter that says “Help Me! I am being held against my will!” and begins exchanging letters there with a boy who claims to be from the Kindgdom of Cello.

The Girl Who Never Was

The Girl Who Never Was

Selkie Stewart lives with her two strange, old aunts and the only thing she knows about her parents is that one night her father came home to find a beautiful woman asleep on his couch and nine months later Selkie was left on his doorstep.  Shortly after that, her Father was committed to a psychiatric hospital.  Determined to find out just who her Mother really is, Selkie accidentally opens up a world she never knew existed.  Now her whole life is revealed as a lie.  Will she remain a girl-in-the-world or become part of the Seelie Court?

Both of theses books were well written and the plots were intriguing.  Of the two, however, Jaclyn Moriarty’s held the most appeal to me.  Perhaps, that’s because it seems to me that the notion of discovering  someone else is from an enchanted kingdom is more likely than finding out that you yourself  are “a princess in disguise”!

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