Any: Rule Breaker – Poetry from Book Titles

Using YA book titles in our collection and images of them from our catalogue,

I have created the following poem.

Book Title Poetry


Born to Darkness

Under the never sky


Shades of the Earth

Hide me among the graves


Rot and ruin

The chemistry of tears


A web of air

The way we fall


The children of the sky

Beautiful Creatures


Book Title Poetry

Try it yourself and see what you can come up with!

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Doll Bones by Holly Black

Annabelle vs. The Queen

Doll Bones

Have you heard the story about the possessed doll that was picked up at an antique/thrift store and brought home only to haunt its new owners?  It’s kind of a classic story. The doll seems to move on its own and maybe even communicate telepathically. The doll brings nightmares to warn its enemies away.


Annabelle is the reportedly true story of a haunted doll. Picked up at an antique shop she wreaked havoc on a pair of young nursing students back in the 1970s. They protected Annabelle, they feared her and they couldn’t escape her until the famous ghost hunting duo Lorraine and Ed Warren confined her in their museum of Occult Museum.

Doll Bones harkens back to the tradition of horrifying relics possessed by spirits but oddly enough this one is designed for the younger end of the young adult crowd aka “middle grade.” I love this story, because it reminds me of a time when I too played make believe. Kids still in that phase will enjoy the relatable characters and teens and adults mature enough to look back with nostalgia to the magical days of freedom of imagination will be drawn to the story too. Doll Bones features “The Queen” a bone china beauty that leads a trio of friends on a dangerous adventure.

Doll Bones brings adventure, a few genuinely creepy moments and a lot of imagination.  The narrator of the story is actually a guy, which is an interesting choice for a book about a doll, and makes me love it even more!

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass



I just loved the idea of this book.  Jeremy Fink is about to turn thirteen years old.  His Dad, who died when Jeremy was eight has left Jeremy a box to open on his thirteenth birthday!  Only problem is, it has four locks and NO keys!!

Jeremy and his BFF Lizzy will spend the summer trying to find the keys that will open the box.  The box that contains “The Meaning of Life”




Surprise Surprise!  There’s a movie!

Clash of the Covers

Let’s broaden our horizons and look at Mockingjay book covers from around the world.  What do you think?

Which one is the best?






United Kingdom



The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Win, Lose or Draw

the naturals

I have to admit it – I decided to read this book because of the cover. It’s a pretty cool cover. Also, I enjoy a good murder mystery. Cassie is a 17-year-old who is a natural at reading people. She can study them for a few minutes and figure out what they are thinking and what they will order when she waits on their tables. She is so good at reading people that she attracts the attention of the FBI. The FBI recruits for a special program with other teens who have natural abilities. Cassie is eager to join the program in the hopes that she may be able to find the person who murdered her mother years ago.

The character development in the story is great. You get to know Cassie as well as the four other teens in the program. You also get to know the mentors of the program very well. The plot is really well written as Barnes takes us on a ride to find a serial killer. There is just the right amount of creepy factor in the book as we hear small portions from the serial killer. There was a total twist at the end, one that I didn’t see coming and I love a book that can surprise me.

The only thing that I did not like about the book was the amount of gore. I am a big fan of Patterson’s, so I can handle gore pretty well. But, the gore in this book detracted from the story and felt like it was just thrown in to and did not add to the plot. The story was good enough that all the gore was not needed to attract readers.

Overall, I would have to rate this book as a win, as long as you can handle over-the-top bloodiness.

Teen Book Battle: Croaked vs. Choked

How They CroakedHow They Choked










How They Croaked vs. How They Choked

by Georgia Bragg

We’re constantly surrounded by glamorous interpretations of real life. Those magazines with their fancy schmancy Photoshop skills have a way of hiding some of the grim and gritty stuff in life. Every now and then you get exhausted with all the pretty lies, you just want something honest- even if it isn’t pretty. These books celebrate the macabre underbelly of life by taking a moment to recognize the horrible experiences of the freakishly famous.

I don’t often look for the nasty side of life. I like pretty things. I like successful things. I like happilly ever afters. I don’t like endings. I don’t like failing. I don’t like non-fiction. Despite all of that I absolutely love these two books.

I discovered the book How They Croaked and fell in love with the illustrations and writing style. Later  I listened to How They Choked with my handsome fella’ on audiobook and both of us enjoyed it a ton! The author puts a silly spin on sad realities. There’s something genius about finding ways to deal with the things in life we all must face but never really want to think about. I definitely recommend both of these books.

Of the two options I ever so slightly prefer How They Choked because failure happens but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing to ever happen. You can always recover from a terrible failure… only a select few ever make a comeback from death.

Six Word Summary Showdown: Jenna & Jonah’s Fauxmance

Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance


Poor rich kids are under pressure.


Popular teen actors fake real life.


The paparazzi love a love scandal.

Battle Royale: One Past Midnight by Jessica Sirvington

One Past Midnight by Jessica Shirvington

One Past Midnight


First of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cover of this book!    And, the story is pretty amazing too.  The premise sort of reminded me (at first glance) of  Princess Fiona in the movie “Shrek”.

Princess Fiona's 2 lives

Princess Fiona’s 2 lives

Sabine has two separate lives because every 24 hours she “shifts”  – In one life her family is well-to-do and she has horrible older brothers,  in another she is poor and has a little sister she adores. When she was younger, she thought everyone lived this way – split in half.  Now she knows that she has to keep her two identities separate and secret!

What she wouldn’t give to have just one life! Which one would she choose, if she could?







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Win, Lose, or Draw

Devon Davenport is a straight-A student, a soccer phenomenon, and takes care of a mother who acts more like a teenager than she does. Will any of that matter as she faces criminal charges for the attempted murder of her newborn child?

After by Amy Efaw looks into the life of a teenage girl desperate and unsure of what to do after throwing her newborn child in the trash. The story engages the reader and asks whether it is possible that Devon was in denial during her entire pregnancy and for the birth of her child or was just heartless in her decision to abandon the baby in a trash can.

For me the book was a DRAW. It had wonderful build up but much of it was too dramatic for me. This was an “out of my comfort zone” book and I was horrified at the beginning of the story, but the overall look into teen mothers who have been in denial of such an event in their lives was an eye opener. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in realistic life stories.

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Win, Lose or Draw: Oh Yeah, Audrey!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The story begins with Gemma Beasley a teenage runaway blogger living her dream in New York City by retracing the steps of her idol Audrey Hepburn. Gemma has planned an entire weekend of parent-free unauthorized fun with her internet friends from “Oh Yeah, Audrey!”

Oh Yeah, Audrey!

Gemma went to New York looking for a chance to live like Holly Golightly but ends up figuring out what it takes to be Gemma Beasley during a whirlwind romance, parties and misadventures.

This book is a win if you are a fan of Audrey Hepburn or Breakfast at Tiffany’s this book is a must-read!

Thank you to Tucker Shaw, NetGalley and Amulet Books for the free e-Galley!


Oh Yeah, Audrey! will be released on October 14, 2014.


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